Zealea Premium 1kg Whey Protein
Zealea Premium 1kg Whey Protein

Zealea Premium 1kg Whey Protein

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  • Zealea Premium 
    Whey Protein 2.2Lb (1Kg)
    Zealea Whey Protein Concentrate is a high quality flavoured protein powder that provides a vast range of nutrients and is made right here in New Zealand packaged conveniently in a zip-locking bag. 

    All efforts have been made to deliver a delicious taste and texture while not compromising on protein content, and unwanted fats, sugars or carbs. 

    This amazingly priced protein fits all the macros you will require and bursting full of critical BCAAs and other important aminos including a great Tasting Whey Protein Blend. Protein is required by active people. 

    The protein derived from milk is one of the most bioavailable proteins known.This means that these proteins contain the greatest range of amino acids in the most advantageous compositions. Milk proteins are also one of the easiest for the body to digest, ensuring that all the beneficial amino acids are absorbed. This powder also contains very little fat. 

    Zealea WPC is formulated with minimal additives for maximum protein deliverance. 
    • Great taste 
    • Over 6 grams of vital BCAAs per serve  
    • Approx 3 grams of Leucine per serve  
    • Extremely Low Fat  
    • Low Carbs and sugars  
    • Smooth Taste  
    • Great mixibilty  
    • 100% Whey Protein Ingredients