Wizard Nutrition Weight Loss Stack
Wizard Nutrition Weight Loss Stack

Wizard Nutrition Weight Loss Stack

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  • Wizard Nutrition

    Fire Blast 60caps/120serve

    Infernal Combustion Feel the heat rise as you incinerate excess fat throughout the day.

    Fuel Your Fire Enjoy a substantial energy boost and an elevated mood to keep you on top of your game.

    Wizard Nutrition Fireblast is a potent thermogenic supplement which begins by enhancing your mood and providing a nice feel good energy to increase focus and productivity.

    It also aids in the process of appetite suppression and thermogenesis to assist in burning away the stubborn fat.

    Key Features of FireBlast Fat Burner;

    • Increases Feel Good Energy

    • Supresses Appetite

    • Assists With Weight Loss

    • Increases Productivity


    Wizard Nutrition

    ShapeShift Protein 4lb

    SHAPESHIFT was developed by the alchemists at Wizard Nutrition to enable wizards to manipulate their physical energy, and morph into any desired lifeform. Shapeshifting was particularly useful in times of war, with many wizards assuming the shape and characteristics of muscular creatures, to enhance their strength and stamina in battle. However, an age has passed since the last war. And so, the Elders have decided to share their large stockpile of SHAPESHIFT with the general public.


    After a magical workout, even the most powerful wizard requires an elixir to restore nutrients. Shapeshift has been specifically conjured with a precise formula of protein to help your body restore the depleted nutrients, and it will also assist in the SHAPESHIFT process to your desired shape.


    -54 Serves Per 4lb Container

    -Fully disclosed amino acid profile

    -130 Calories per serving

    -25 Grams of protein per serving

    -2 Delicious Flavours