Muscletech Glutamine 60serve
Muscletech Glutamine 60serve

Muscletech Glutamine 60serve

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  • Muscletech 
    Platinum Glutamine 60serve 

    With 5grams of Ultra Pure Micronized Glutamine in every serve Muscletech Platinum glutamine goes to work with in seconds to replenish the glutamine used while training or exercising. 
    If you want to recover faster and help retain lean muscle growth then glutamine is a must have supplement in your cupboard.
    Glutamine is a non-essential free amino acid found naturally in your body. More than 20% of the amino acids found in your body are glutamine. Your muscles especially contain high levels of glutamine, making glutamine extremely important for muscle recovery. 
    When training hard, your muscles can lose up to half of the stored glutamine in them, so in order to recover fast you need to replace it. Glutamine acts as a free nitrogen donor to help your body control catabolism helping your muscles produce the other amino acids they need to recover quickly. 
    Glutamine is also known to support cell volume, glycogen replenishment, and protein synthesis in your body.