Green Tea X50 Summer Fruits 60serve

Green Tea X50 Summer Fruits 60serve

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  • X50 Summer Fruits Vita-Matcha 

    60serve - Mixed Flavours 

    10x Each... Acai, LemonLime, Pomegranate, Passionfruit, Strawberry Kiwi, Mango


    Now contains Matcha Tea, Vitamin B and Goji Berry - a source of essential amino acids and also helps to promote better recovery after exercise. Up to 20 cups of green tea worth of antioxidants in every serve!

    We've known the health benefits of green tea for decades with the high levels of antioxidants and enzymes that can fight of free radicals and assist with the metabolism of fat - but what if you don't want to drink traditional green tea every day?

    Introducing Green Tea X50 by Tribeca Health which contains the goodness of up to 20 cups of green tea in every serve!

    Green Tea X50 uses pure, highly concentrated green tea extract (from Camellia Sinesis Leaf) together with 30mg of the antioxidant Resveratrol (from Fallopia Japonica Root) which is the equivalent the resveratrol from around 25 glasses of red wine!

    In total Green Tea X50 delivers a total of over 600mg of antioxidants per serve, contains vitamin C & D plus extra trace minerals, is low in sugar, low GI, Aspartame Free and available in three refreshing flavours.

    Who Is Green Tea X50 Suitable For?

    Green Tea X50 is suitable for anyone male or female looking to experience the health benefits of green tea and associated antioxidants. These health benefits may include stimulation of the metabolism to assist with fat loss and ability to fight free radicals and detox the body.

    When and How Do I Use Green Tea X50?

    Green Tea X50 can be taken at any time of day in addition to regular water in take.

    Simply mix one (1) sachet with 500-600ml of COLD water (or to your desired taste) and mix till dissolved.

    Green Tea X50 does contain natural caffeine (85mg) equivalent to a normal cup of coffee so may not be suitable for some individuals or after 4pm.