Dragon Ball Z Gym Stack
Dragon Ball Z Gym Stack
Dragon Ball Z Gym Stack

Dragon Ball Z Gym Stack

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  • Dragon Ball Z Whey Protein 5lb + K.O. Preworkout

    Whey Protein Complex 100% “Dragon Ball Z” – properties

    Protein is a core building block for your muscles. It contributes to muscle growth and maintenance. Proteins are therefore essential in everybody’s diet, especially those exercising, working on a muscular, athletic silhouette.

    One serving (35g) of Whey Protein Complex 100% from the limited Dragon Ball Z edition allows you to supply as much as 26g of high quality proteins with a rich amino acid profile. This is very important since proteins are made of amino acids.

    The preparation in the form of an excellently soluble powder with a delicious vanilla ice cream flavour is based on a WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) and WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) blend. What does it mean? Thanks to the fast absorption, WPI will allow you to quickly supply post-workout rich proteins and amino acids to your muscles. On the other hand, WPC is absorbed more slowly, which means that it will make it easier to compensate for any losses in real time. This makes perfect conditions for building a silhouette you’ve always dreamt of!

    Whey Protein Complex 100% new flavour

    To meet the expectations of customers and fans of the Japanese Dragon Ball Z anime, the experts working on Whey Protein Complex 100% ingredients focused a lot of attention on its flavour. This time, after preparing a protein shake, you will taste delicious vanilla ice cream that you won’t be able to resist! This sensational flavour will allow you to use the Olimp Sport Nutrition supplement as an excellent addition to your balanced diet, which will certainly diversify your daily menu. So, nothing prevents you from creating a tasty protein cheesecake or a refreshing, tasty protein ice cream. It’s up to you what to combine Dragon Ball Z Delux Edition protein supplement with to provide your muscles with a specific portion of rich proteins!

    Olimp K.O Knockout 2.1 Pre-Workout 50 Serve 

    -Increase Energy 

    -Improve Endurance 

    -Skin-Splitting Pumps 

    -Fully Disclosed Formula 

    Knockout 2.1 is a workout booster with a formula based on precisely selected doses of crucial substances that enhance your workout capabilities. The composition of this pre-workout supplement is the result of many years of studies and laboratory tests by Olimp’ experts, who created a high-quality complex of active thoroughly tested ingredients that improve your capabilities and effectively help you build a muscular body. Choose Knockout 2.1 to get on the right track to success!