Muscle Pharm Combat Powder 4Lb
Muscle Pharm Combat Powder 4Lb

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder 4Lb

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  • Muscle Pharm

    Combat Protein 4Lb

    Whey Protein


    COMBAT is MusclePharm’s advanced Whey Protein.
    Athletes and Bodybuilders have long known that high-quality protein is the key supplement to building and maintaining lean muscle, while supporting a healthy body composition and promoting fat loss.
    Protein is the most-important nutrient for muscle growth, mass and power gains.
    High quality protein supports muscle growth and recovery and the health of all body tissues. Active bodies require MORE high quality protein for optimal performance – COMBAT was designed to meet those needs. 
    It delivers 25 grams of the highest quality PROTEIN BLEND per serve, in a great tasting, easily mixing shake.
    COMBAT is a superior combination of the best protein sources available, combined to keep a steady flow of muscle and power building nutrition flowing into the bloodstream, over and up to a full 8 hours!
    Combat is a Whey Protein Isolate which is the highest available yield of protein, gram for gram, of any whey protein source. It contains; Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein An un-believable taste!
    We can promise you will love time and time again!


    Epic Muscle gains
    Protein synthesis
    Muscle recovery
    Great taste
    Increased Strength and Endurance
    Low fat and Carbs