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  • ANS Performance

    N-MASS 15lb

    Muscle Mass Gainer

    N-MASS Extreme Mass Gainer

    In order to get big, you have to eat big. Consuming enough calories to grow can be difficult for those with highly active metabolisms or weaker appetites.

    N-MASS™ muscle mass gainer provides a convenient way to consume 1,300 high quality calories derived from 55g protein, 250g of carbohydrates and 9g fat; with added creatine monohydrate and Appelin™ in every serving.

    N-MASS is made of the highest quality ingredients:

    • Real High Quality Concentrated Whole Protein Sources

    • High Quality Food

    • Derived Complex Carbs

    • Healthy Fats from Premium Food Sources

    • NO Added Sugar,

    • NO Added Aminos,

    • NO Fatty Creamers

    N-MASS™ is the only Mass Gainer that features Appelin™, an all-natural appetite support complex designed to support overall appetite, enhance digestion as well as stimulate hunger hormone signaling.

    Appelin is made up of Alfalfa sprout, Caraway seed, Citrus Bioflavonoids like Hesperidin and Ginger root extract; these all-natural ingredients work together with a triple-action enzyme complex to help enhance the digestion and absorption of foods, and stimulate release of the hunger hormone Ghrelin to enhance appetite.