Allmax FemmeFit CLA 60softgels
Allmax FemmeFit CLA 60softgels

Allmax FemmeFit CLA 60softgels

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  • AllMax Femme Fit CLA 60caps

    Natural & Effective


    CLA80 FEMME uses premium grade 80% Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Naturally derived from safflower oil, CLA80 FEMME provides 80% of the key CLA isomers scientifically proven to improve body composition, decrease body fat and improve body shape.*

    Studies have shown that CLA also provides numerous health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. CLA80 FEMME is the proven addition to a lean healthy lifestyle.


    CLA works to reduce body fat by preventing fat accumulation in fat cells. Fat normally enters the fat cell through a door that is controlled by an enzyme that acts as the key.

    By acting on this enzyme, CLA keeps the door locked. When the door is locked, fat utilization by the cell is limited and any new fat cell growth is restricted. The less fat present in the cells, the smaller and less mature they become. This helps to reduce the level of fat in your body. The increased breakdown of fat helps to fuel and preserve muscle mass, which in turn increases lean muscle mass.

    Features & Benefits

    • Naturally derived from Safflower Oil
    • Premium Grade 80% Pure Conjugated Linoleic Acid
    • Scientifically proven to improve body composition
    • Anti-Inflammatory