Wizard FireBlast Ultra 60caps
Wizard FireBlast Ultra 60caps

Wizard FireBlast Ultra 60caps

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  • 18+ – This is seriously powerful stuff. Recommended for people with high tolerance for stimulants.

    Wizard FireBlast Ultra 60caps


    FIREBLAST ULTRA is a heavily optimized version of the original formula, carefully balanced to improve energy output and augmented with rare ingredients to increase heat and intensity.

    Only truly legendary wizards can handle these extreme levels of power. Those with the strength to control the inferno will incinerate every obstacle on their path to greatness.


    Ignite the fire within and set your barriers ablaze with an incredible surge of long-lasting energy, relentless drive and a fantastic mood.


    Vaporize your unwanted fat with red-hot thermogenics that work all day long to aid you on the journey to building your perfect body.


    Q. Is this the strongest version of Fireblast?

    A. Yes, definitely. This formula is based on the original version of Fireblast, tweaked and enhanced with new ingredients to be as strong as possible.

    Q. How is it different to Fireblast v2?

    A. Fireblast Ultra features Juglans Regia Root Extract for a crazy boost in energy and focus, plus Paradoxine® (Grains of Paradise Extract) for greater thermogenic power.

    Q. Can I handle this strength?

    A. If you find Fireblast v2 strong, we would recommend sticking with that version. Fireblast Ultra is significantly more powerful, and therefore best suited to people who need that extra kick or those who have developed tolerance to the standard v2 formula.

    Wizard Nutrition Fireblast is a potent thermogenic supplement which begins by enhancing your mood and providing a nice feel good energy to increase focus and productivity.

    It also aids in the process of appetite suppression and thermogenesis to assist in burning away the stubborn fat.

    Key Features of FireBlast Fat Burner

    • Increases Feel Good Energy
    • Supresses Appetite
    • Assists With Weight Loss
    • Increases Productivity